C3FF League Muhammed Week 11 Recap

wk 11 standings

Another week passed and Thanksgiving snuck up on me, so keep in mind no Thanksgiving games are involved here - that's week 12.

The standings show Johnny Manziels Drinking Buddy and Cam's Abdullah Oblongata have all but wrapped up their respective division titles, leaving the lone wild card spot available among the other ten teams.

Your Commish, yours truly, is in the bold print at 6-5 after getting off to a rough start but have gone 4-1 in the last five games. Maybe there's some small hope for me yet, but I'll certainly have to win-out.

wk 11 scoreboard

I had a humdrum outing with 94.5 FP, but it was enough to defeat a bye week stricken 2-8 team. Speaking of Johnny Manziel's Drinking Buddy, Manziel himself was caught on TMZ partying it up and has been sent back to the third string, and possibly will be waived this offseason due to his interaction with our high-scorer for the week...that drinking buddy! Let's take a look at those starters:

As usual, just click on the image to expand. Carson Palmer led the way with 30 FP. Darren McFadden had a good fantasy game against a Miami team in turmoil with 21.5 FP, followed closely by the Chiefs DST. It always helps a DST when the "ST" part scores a TD, and Cordarrelle Patterson returned a kick to the house. 

Other good scorers include WR Mike Evans, who is coming along nicely fantasy-wise with the improving play of rookie Jameis Winston, with 14 FP. TE Tyler Eifert had 15.5, and the up-and-down DeMarco Murray tallied 10 FP with the help of 4 receptions.

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