Poll Result: Teddy Ten Thumbs Needed a Heimlich

Well, folks, it was a CLOSE vote, but The People Have Spoken. Regarding Ted Ginn, Jr.'s Monday Night Football um..."appearance" the vote was close as to what was wrong with the guy that he can't hold on to a ball when he's wide open for a would-be touchdown but dropped it:

With 20 votes cast, people are saying 11 to 9 that he choked instead of having an irrational fear of wide-open spaces. 

I personally think the truth is probably a little of both. Strike that.


Yep. If you'll recall, Ginn had badly beaten his coverage and had 5 yards of separation (easily) from his defender inside the enemy 10-yard line, Cam threw a nice, soft, very catchable deep ball, and Teddy Ten Thumbs couldn't haul it in. 

Also recall another pass that got largely overlooked from earlier in the game. That was the pass that would have been about a 15 or 20-yarder....but Ginn couldn't bring himself to the high level of exertion it would take to actually fully extend his arms to put his hands in front of the downward trajectory of another nice accurate soft pass from Cam's arm. 

Teddy's catch radius is about as large as a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza...deep dish.


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