Ryan Kalil Encouraged Cam Newton to Tear Down Packers Fan Banner

So Panther Nation woke up ready to celebrate and instead we have to hear about this damn Green Bay fan who feels "totally disrespected" because Cam Newton tore down his Packer banner and ran off with it in the lockerroom. 

Now immediately the most fatiguing part of this story is that it is another moment where the narrative is trying to negatively paint Cam as a bad guy.  He's the guy that wears the towel over his head. The guy who shows frustration after losses (oh because Aaron Rodgers didn't look pouty faced yesterday or anything). 

The Packer fan today who brought in the sign made this story out to be Cam Newton disrespecting veterans and even suggested that this was theft. 

Well it turns out that Ryan Kalil encouraged Cam to grab the sign. 

The good news in all of this is that we know the Panthers and Cam Newton will make some sort of grand gesture that shows Cam's actions were as much in good fun as the guy who brought a Packers sign to a Panthers game.

There's not a lot of mixed emotions among Panther fans today.  From what we've seen most fans approve of Cam's actions and simply feel this guy needs to get over it.  Where do you stand on the banner controversy?  Leave a comment.