Odell Beckham, Jr. Fires Shots at Josh Norman

With Carolina in the driver's seat and Josh Norman vying for claim to best corner in the league, Odell Beckham Jr., looks to have sent a message to the Panthers defensive back by sporting a pair of cleats with Batman's nemesis, the Joker.  Norman, who refers often to himself as the Dark Night, will match-up against the NFL's most explosive wide receiver this Sunday.  

OBJ has clearly noticed Norman's Bat signal burning bright in the Charlotte sky. The Queen City's winged avenger hasn't faced a villain yet this season he hasn't been able to take down, holding the league's biggest evil doers (Allen Robinson, DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans, TY Hilton, Dez Bryant, and Julio Jones) to just 150 yards and 0 touchdowns combined. 

Carolina looks to extend it's undefeated streak against the Giants this Sunday.  Norman's latest rival, Odell Beckham Joker, looks to find the Dark Night of Carolina's weakness.  The OD Joker's psychological battle began on Monday Night Football.   Surely, Josh Norman is entering the Bat Cave right now to prepare for his next biggest battle. 

By Tony Dunn, aka the Professor
Follow him on Twitter @Cat_Chronicles