The NFL Playoffs Are Coming to Charlotte

The NFL Playoffs Are Coming to Charlotte – How to get Carolina Panthers Playoff tickets for face value! The 2015 NFC South Division Champion Carolina Panthers will be hosting a divisional round playoff game at Bank of America Stadium.  Panther fever could not be higher and as such ticket prices on the secondary market are going through the roof!  However, there is a way to purchase Carolina Panthers playoff tickets for face value.  Let me explain:

PSL Source provides a fan-to-fan marketplace for individuals to buy and sell Carolina Panther’s personal seat licenses (PSL).  A PSL gives the fan the exclusive right to purchase season tickets, and any available playoff tickets, at team invoice price for a specific set of seats at Bank of America Stadium. 

Here’s the skinny.  For many Panther PSL owners choosing to list their seat licenses for sale at, at this time of year their listing may also include the opportunity for the buyer to purchase this year’s Panther playoff tickets at face value. This opportunity comes in addition to the purchase of the license at a mutually agreed upon price. By purchasing the license the buyer would then become the owner of the seat and have the exclusive rights to purchase the season tickets for those seats for the 2016 season and beyond.

This is a great opportunity to see the Panthers in action come playoff time and to secure your Carolina Panthers season tickets for the future! For more information and to view all of our Carolina Panther PSL listings visit