Week 13 Power Rankings (C3 Style)

Finally, the Panthers reach the top.  Or do they?   Each week the C3 staff (8 of us) log our rankings from 1-32 and we provide the cumulative rankings here.  There are a lot of such rankings out there.  However, we are bringing it to you from a Panther’s fan perspective.  We keep it fun, and light-hearted all while keeping it real.

Contributing to these rankings are Tony "The Professor" Dunn, Joey "The Freakin Puerto Rican" Riollano, Erin "Mel Mayock" Ford, Ken "The Commish" Dye, Justin "Big Play Jay Ray" Raymond, Grant "Big Splash" Hughes, JP "The Pope" Tremarzo, Willie "PantherNasty" Perry, and Andy "The Barkeep" Massey.  We also are having guests give their input, including Greg "The Saints Fan" Barber (but we like him anyway).

Take a look at leave your comments below and let us know if you agree or have different thoughts.  What will Week 13 have in store?


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