Why Should Carolina Panthers Fans Watch The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is this magnificent thing that people watch even if they aren't football fans. It is the greatest show on turf! My wife even watches the Super Bowl, and she doesn't watch any football games with me. But, why do people watch the Super Bowl? Is it because it's the two best teams in the world playing against each other? It is because of the funny commercials? Is it because of the halftime show? Is it because you get to have a party? Is it because everyone else is going to be talking about the Super Bowl? As you can tell there are several reasons why people watch the Super Bowl.

It especially hurts when you watch two teams play in the Super Bowl, and neither of them are your team. At that point all can you do is hope for a good game, and funny commercials. If you are a Panthers fan, you should watch this game. You might still be mad that the Seahawks beat the Panthers in the playoffs, and I don't blame you for that. But the Panthers still had a great season, and possibly lost to this years Super Bowl champion.

Why should Carolina Panthers fans watch this years Super Bowl?

  1. Cheer for Brandon Lafell – Former wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers.

  2. See how the Patriots respond to Deflate-Gate – Did this distraction hurt?

  3. Richard Sherman v Darelle Revis – Two best cornerbacks in the league.

  4. Tom Brady and Russell Wilson's legacy – Tom Brady could go down as best quarterback of all time, and Russell Wilson could become an “elite” quarterback in NFL.

  5. Marshawn Lynch's next deFINEing moment – Will Marshawn Lynch get fined during the game?

  6. Gronkowski v Legion of Doom – How will the Legion of Doom shutdown Rob Gronkowski?

  7. Feud between Richard Sherman and Tom Brady – Richard Sherman intercepted Tom Brady earlier in the season. “You mad bro?”

  8. Count how many times the Patriots cheat – What will Bill Belichick try to do?

  9. Bill Belichick's sweatshirt – Very interesting wardrobe.

  10. The funny commercials – What will be the best commercial shown during the Super Bowl?

  11. Katty Perry halftime show – Do I need to say anything?

  12. End of the NFL season (also sad) - Closer to next season, and watching the Carolina Panthers play.

What is your favorite storyline for Super Bowl XLIX?

By, Justin Raymond

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