Open Mic: Valentine's Day & Firday the 13th Edition

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Love is an amazing thing.  It moves people to action.  It enables forgiveness, it spurs compassion and it brings us back after 1-15 seasons.  I think it was fitting this year to have Friday the 13th be the day before Valentine's Day as it pretty much depicts the Panthers 2014 Season and in many ways the Panthers in general.  On Friday the 13th type seasons, we had Randy Fasani at QB with a 0.0 QB rating, yet on Valentine seasons we go 12-4.  Friday the 13th, we have Rae Carruth dominating headlines and Valentine's Day, we have Thomas Davis winning Man Of The Year.  On one side we get Sean Gilbert and on the other Luke Keuchly.  

Oh only true love for our City and our Panthers keep us coming back.  And I can't wait to see if 2015 is a Friday the 13th type season or a Valentine's Day season.  What is your prediction Panther Fans?