Ten Wide Receivers The Panthers Could Target in The Draft: #5 Devin Funchess

Devin Funchess

C3 is taking a look at 10 WRs that the Panthers could and should be targeting in the upcoming Draft.  We will Chronicle 10 guys (or Cats) and give you some little known information on them.

This is not a ranking based on talent nor production.  This is who I see as the best fits for what the Panthers want and need to do to add juice to the Panthers Offense in 2015 and beyond. And we will get these in prior to the Combine that begins on Feb. 20.

There are four players that I did not include in my list as I just don’t see them either being there or I don’t see them as “Panther-type players.  Those four are:  Amari Cooper, Kevin White, DeVante Parker (who I don’t see as available at Pick 25) and I left out DGB as I don’t see anyway the Panthers take the risk with this young man.

I see the Panthers needing speed, good route running, ability make plays (whether that be YAC or elusiveness) and Special Teams ability.  I also look for players that are willing and able blockers both in the run-game and down field.  The more of these traits a player has, the higher on my list they will end up.  And I have to admit that the Combine could reshuffle this order, so I will put out a revised ranking after the Combine. The next Cat that I look to Chronicle is out of Michigan:


Devin Funchess        WR/TE        Michigan        6’5 /230 lbs.


Why he is a good fit:

Coming in at  #5  is a guy that is different than the other guys in this list.  He actually projects to be better TE than Wide Receiver.  He is built like Julius Thomas and is a mismatch nightmare.  As important as Greg Olsen has been, imagine have two of him for a couple of years and having a long term replacement.  He would give the Panthers a lot of options in terms of how they spread a Defense out.  Atlanta, in particular, would suffer because they don’t have enough Linebackers or big DBs to cover both Olsen and Funchess.  He would bring bunches of fun.  

Things he needs to work on:

Really the only problem with him is it will take a first round pick to get him and the Panthers may not be willing to invest that much in a projected TE.  He just is not quick enough to be a WR and is a slower version of Benjamin, so TE is the spot for him.

Something you might not know:

Did you know that Devin Funchess was only a WR for one season at Michigan?  He actually had more yards as a TE the previous season. Also, did you know he competed in the Broad Jump in High School? He once jumped 18 ft. 1.5 inches?  That’s over six yards people.

Bottom line:

Funchess would be a different way to go than if the Panthers take any of my other proposed guys.  Funchess paired with Olsen would make us a matchup nightmare for opponents.  I would be very excited if this indeed turns out to be the plan.  Don’t be surprised if we have bunchess of Funchess next year.

What are your thoughts Panther fans?  Leave your comments below.