Just Like the Panthers, Ticket Prices to Rise in 2015

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Success in the NFL is a double sided coin. Yes there is excitement that spreads like wild fire throughout the fan base, but then there is the economical side. The law of supply and demand takes over. The organization supplies the on field product, and as that product improves, the organization demands fan pay more to get the "in stadium" experience. 

So for the 2nd season in a row, the Carolina Panthers are raising ticket prices. No surprise, better team equals more fans equals higher demand for tickets. Despite the increase, seeing a game at Bank of America Stadium is still one of the less costly venues in the NFL. Ticket prices are only expected to go up $2-$5 per seat on average but some of the lower level seats will see a bigger increase by as much as $35. 

The rise in ticket prices is being attributed to the recent stadium renovations. Which would make sense. But I thought the city of Charlotte already contributed something along the lines of $90 million toward these same renovations?  Aren't the Panthers getting help from the city twice this way? 

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