What Will You Be Watching For At The NFL Combine?

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The on -the-field activity begins today (Feb 20) and starts with the Offensive Tackles. Reports are that DG and RR met with Big Cedric Ogbuehi out of Texas A&M.  That is interesting to me for two reasons other than the obvious that we are in the market for a LT.  First, DG did openly lament Ogbuehi's ACL tare during his end of year presser. And second, with the ACL injury, this Top 10 talent may be there at 25.  Sign a mid-level FA like a Doug Free for a year and let Cedric heal up and you have something.

What else are you looking for?               During our podcast this week, the Freakin' Puerto Rican said he's looking to see how well the Linemen move around.  I'm looking at the measurables and the bench press. Tomorrow I can't wait to see which WR runs the fastest 40 and if my Top 10 Panther targets needs to be reshuffled.

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