Panthers Part Ways with Franchise Leading Rusher DeAngelo Williams

DeAngelo Williams

News broke today that Carolina has in fact decided to part ways with franchise leading rusher DeAngelo Williams.   Many forecasted that Carolina would release the veteran, who's production declined significantly in 2014 in what General Manager Dave Gettleman described as a "tough season."  Tonight, DeAngelo Williams will break the news officially on WBTV 

Williams commented that he was "not bitter" about the matter and understood the business aspect of the decision.  Williams's announcement tells a lot about the situation.  Gettleman, who indicated several times when asked about the veteran that Williams had a tough 2014 season, handled this situation much more delicately than he had with Jordan Gross or Steve Smith, both who D-Will referenced in the teaser of his interview tonight.   Gettleman appears to be growing into his position as general manager.   It looks as if Williams release has been handled as amiable as possible.  

I'm glad to see Williams and Carolina part ways on good terms.  Surely this isn't a happy day for anyone.  Williams has been a great player and contributor to the Panthers organization.  We're going to miss him.  His big smile, that big personality, the fun interchange with the media and the fans.  Once saying "he's never been tall enough, big enough" Williams had a tremendous career with the Carolina Panthers, averaging 4.8 yds/carry career average and notching an impressive 9 career TDs over 50 yds (7 rushing + 2 rec)  Let's all wish this Panther great the best.  Take a moment to relive some of that greatness as Panther Nation says goodbye and best of luck to a Black and Blue forever.

By the Professor aka Tony Dunn.  
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