Should The NFL Expand The Playoffs? You Tell Us

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NFL Owners are going to discuss the viability of expanding the playoffs by one team in each Conference.  That would mean three Wild Card teams and on the top-seeded team would get a bye in the first round.

Some argue this will diminish the validity of making the playoffs.  I, however, love the idea and here's why:  This would make 14 out of 32 teams Playoff-eligible (still an exclusive club).  Also, look at the teams that have just fallen short that could have made a run.  Simply look back at the Arizona Cardinals in 2013 and the Chicago Bears of 2012. (Each finishing at 10-6 and each missing the Playoffs).  And I don't think a 2nd-seeded team should get a bye.  I think that should be reserved for the top dog in each Conference.  

What do you think?