10 Tackles in 21 Days: #5 La'el Collins

C3 is taking a look at 10 Offensive Tackles that the Panthers could end up with on Draft Day.  This series will bring you 10 possible Tackles all over the next 21 days.  We will give you some little known information and some tape to check out.  Hopefully you will gain some insight into the prospects and can find a few that you fall in love with and root for.  

Before Draft Day we will also look at WRs, DBs, DTs, TEs and LBs but we start with OTs. Why?  Two reasons: First, our LT ranked second to last in the League according to our friends at www.ProFootballFocus.com.

Yesterday we took a look at Jake Fisher out of Oregon.  The next player I’m putting forward for you to get to know is a big Hog-Mollie out of LSU.  This guy is big but more athletic than most his size and his body is proportioned well.  You don't see a lot of fat on him anywhere, though he is thick throughout.


La’el Collins               LSU                6’5            321


La’el has been on my radar for well over a year now and back then, I had him mocked to the Panthers in the top 15 for this season.  He has played in 38 games in the ultra-competitive SEC and plays with a mean streak. He likes to get his hands on the defender and finish them off.  He shows some good athleticism by getting out to the second level and cutting defenders to the ground.

I have dropped La’el down to a second round grade because he just doesn't show good enough balance.  I had actually dropped him further, but watching the tape below, he shows that though that is a concern, he has the ability overcome that issue.  He has good feet and long arms.  However, I still believe he is going to best suited as a Right Tackle in the NFL.  I see him as a better RT than I project Jake Fisher at Left Tackle.  That is the only reason I have Collins rated as a slightly higher rated prospect.  But if both there at Pick #57, I go Fisher but only because the Panthers really need a LT and Remmers is a good RT.  That said, I would also be happy with La’el to the Panthers in the 2nd Round.



Collins grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and I truely don’t want to see him playing for his hometown Saints.  The one way I could be happy with him as our first round choice is if we sign a LT, such as King Dunlap in Free Agency which would allow Collins to start his career at RT next to his former teammate and current Panther Trai Turner.

Some people out there have him going very high in the draft and some think he is the best Tackle in this class.

I don’t agree.  What do you think?  Leave your comments and I”ll respond.