10 Tackles in 21 Days: #4 Ty Sambrailo

C3 is taking a look at 10 Offensive Tackles that the Panthers could end up with on Draft Day. This series will bring you 10 possible Tackles all over the next 21 days.  We will give you some little known information and some tape to check out.  Hopefully you will gain some insight into the prospects and can find a few that you fall in love with and root for.  

Before Draft Day we will also look at WRs, DBs, DTs, TEs and LBs but we start with OTs.  Why?  Two reasons:  First, our LT ranked second to last in the League according to our friends at www.ProFootballFocus.com.

Yesterday we took a look at La’el Collins out of LSU.  The next player I’m putting forward for you to get to know is a big Hog-Mollie out of Colorado State.

Ty Sambrailo            Colorado State            6’6/309

Here’s something you may not know about this guy:  He grew up as a competitive skier.  Was actually first in his age-group (nationally) between the ages of 8-12.  So unlike yesterday’s prospect of La’el Collins, you can bet that Ty has exceptional balance.

He has close to an ideal body type for an NFL tackle.  He has a long frame with long arms.  He played LT at Colorado St and plays with passion.  Watch his tape and you see a guy that looks to make a point on every play.  He finishes people.  He is also one of the better linemen in this draft in terms of getting his hands on a defender quickly and controlling that player.  Could stand to get a little stronger, but nothing a little time in an NFL weight room won’t cure.

Some believe Sambrailo is destined for RT or even Guard duty in the NFL.  I think his body type and athleticism however lends him to being a better LT.  I’m not sure he’d be ready Day 1, but I could see the Panthers taking Ty in Round 2 to be their LT of the future.  He would be a good choice.  You can follow him on Twitter @TySambo51

Leave me your thoughts on Ty coming to the Panthers.