10 Tackles in 21 Days: #2 Cameron Erving

C3 is taking a look at 10 Offensive Tackles that the Panthers could end up with on Draft Day.  This series will bring you 10 possible Tackles all over the next 21 days.  We will give you some little known information and some tape to check out. Hopefully you will gain some insight into the prospects and can find a few that you fall in love with and root for.  

Before Draft Day we will also look at WRs, DBs, DTs, TEs and LBs but we start with OTs.  Why?  Two reasons:  First, our LT ranked second to last in the League according to our friends at www.ProFootballFocus.com.

Yesterday we took a look at TJ Clemmings out of Pittsburgh.  The next player I’m putting forward for you to get to know is a big and versatile Hog-Mollie out of Florida State University.

#2    Cameron Erving    Florida State University        6’6/310 lbs

This young man is one of my very favorites and will be thrilled if he is a Panther.  He began his career as a Defensive Tackle, was hurt as a true Freshman and was red-shirted.  He then made the switch to LT and excelled.

Remember Morgan Moses and how many folks lobbied for him to be the Panthers first pick at Pick 28 last year?  Moses was Third Team All-ACC in 2013.  Cameron Erving was First Team All-ACC in 2013 and won the same Honor in 2014.  

He has a long body that is well proportioned and a good ability to move and anchor himself.  The one and only knock I have on him is his arms do not appear to be ideal in length.  That could hurt him in the NFL and against the dreaded “speed-rushers.”  However, watch this tape of him against one of this year’s top speed-rushing prospect (Victor Beasley) and I think you’ll be impressed.  Watch what he does to Beasley on the third and fourth plays of this tape.

He has 43 starts against talented competition and here’s a reason why he ranks so high for me:  Versatility.  Name another LT that can jump inside and play Center.  Not only did he do that this year and excelled, but he didn't complain and did what was best for the team (filling in for an injured player).  Think about how valuable that is.  Should Ryan Kalil get hurt, all would not be lost.  And later in Cameron’s career when Kalil retires, he could potentially extend his own career by switching over to Center at that time.

I would be excited to have Cameron Erving on the Panthers, even at Pick #25.

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