RIP Dean Smith: Hats Off To You

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Somethings are bigger than the non real-life petty squabbles that are pervasive in sports in America.  C3 is run by two ECU guys and an NC State guy.  We don't like each others' programs, but we typically bond over joking about Duke and Carolina.  And at the end of the day, I do like all the programs in NC, but am very competitive with them like being competitive with family.  

However, all joking aside, we all lost a great man with a great legacy today. Dean Smith coached at UNC for 36 years, went to 11 Final Fours and won two National Titles.  He was the father of the four corners style of play and was the reason the shot clock was introduced.  

But two things that amaze me even more than those two things. First, it took a real man to push for racial equality while coaching big-time sports in the South during the late 60's through 90's.  He pushed for the University's first African American scholarship player (Charlie Scott) and demanded local businesses treat everyone with decency.  

Also, think about how impressive this is:  he coached for 36 years and his players' graduation rate was 96%.  That is awesome.  He will be missed.  

See what Coach Ron Rivera had to say:

et us know your thoughts and memories of Coach Smith.