Crew Reacts to Signing Sunshine: Brenton Bersin

The free agency period unofficially began Saturday during the 3-day tampering period allowed by the NFL, where teams can contact and negotiate deals with unrestricted free agents.  The deals won’t be done officially until Tuesday, but the news is leaking.  Teams are also working to bring back some of the guys from last season due to hit the market Tuesday, 3/10.

Carolina worked out a deal to bring back Brenton Sunshine Bersin. The club signed an exclusive rights tender Tuesday for the former neighbor and fellow alum to Jerry Richardson. Besin, who became the whipping boy of Panthers Nation because of his representation  team’s overall dismal special teams play, is a guy people either love or hate.  Let’s see where the Crew falls on the signing.

the Professor

I know, I know, hey, I oughtta leave young thing alone. But ain't no sunshine when she's gone.”  Well Sunshine isn’t gone, and he appears here to stay...well for the short run.  Bersin is a good story. He tugs at the heart-strings because his battle to make the Panthers 53-man roster was like a pro version of Rudy. We don’t know the details yet, but Bersin will probably be signed to a league minimum deal.  So love or hate? I don’t think it matters. He didn’t even get his own picture put out by the Panthers PR on Twitter when they announced the deal (both Fozzie and Ginn had pics featured).

Carolina signed Bersin for his familiarity with the system. Depending on who they land in free agency or in the draft, Bersin won’t see the field all that often in all likelihood.  I’m guessing this was a safety sign in case someone goes down with injury. You’ve got a guy that you can plug in there temporarily.  

Freak’n Puerto Rican

This signing to me is only beneficial for depth purposes. Bersin has decent size and seems to be familiar with the playbook. He makes a decent 4th or 5th receiving option and will provide competition during training camp. I know he is a favorite of Mr. Richardsons so I understand the move. It is only a one year deal so it is not a big blow financially.

In the big scheme of things this barely should be considered news. Good for him though, he continues living the dream.

Mel Mayock

Can’t look at him without thinking about Sunshine from Remember the Titans.  And he is a great story.  How cool is it to grow up next to the owner of a team, then break his record in college, then play for his team.  But I hope the Good Lord nor Ron Rivera does not put him back at PR again.  At 6’3 / 210 lbs. he is a good target and is a good 5th WR.  But he looks so nervous returning kicks that it made every kick an adventure.  Actually, his play at Punt Returner last year made the Ginn signing all that more appealing to me.  And I do think it was smart to sign him to a one-year deal and I suspect he will be in a battle to actually make the 53 man roster.