The Dave Gettleman Project

A team often becomes better if the costs are lowered without harming the quality.

Architecture (team building) is an expression of values.

Ever since the offseason began, Panthers fans have been wondering what GM Dave Gettleman would do to improve this football team. During the midst of a six game losing streak, fans across the country were blasting him for various moves. Whether he was cursed for cutting Panther great Steve Smith, signing no big time names, or putting together a lackluster offensive line, he remained cool, calm, and collected. He knows what he is doing and he does it well.

Since becoming the GM in 2013, all he has done is compile a 19-12-1 regular season record and two playoff appearances. Yet, EVERYONE wanted him fired. I understand the concern and frustration of a six game losing streak from a team who lost only four games all of last year, but he had zero cap space to work with.

All of the receiving core was released because they wanted huge contracts off of one season. Brandon LaFell and Ted Ginn saw huge success in 2013 because of a powerful run game, not because they are spectacular receivers. Unfortunately, Smith is no longer a number one option and we simply didn’t have the cap space for him. Same with the secondary. Captain Munnerlyn and Mike Mitchell had insane seasons in 2013. Not because they are superstars, but because of a front seven that dominated the line of scrimmage.

Gettleman has done nothing but make the best of a miserable salary cap he was left with. As Aaron Rodgers would say, RELAX. He is known to build through the draft. Looking at the current depth chart for 2015, seven of the 11 players drafted under Gettleman as GM are starting, not to mention Kony Ealy who will more than likely become a starter opposite of Charles Johnson.

The man has built through the draft well and will continue to do so. If you don’t believe me, check out this 2014 1st round re-draft done by Sports Illustrated and see how many Panthers “should have” gone in the 1st round.

So, as one die-hard Panthers fan to another, let’s continue to back our team in every way possible. Let’s do our jobs as fans and let Gettleman do his job as GM. In Gettleman we trust, Panther nation.

By Downfield Dylan Woodham