C3 Mock 2.0 RD 2: Picks 33-40

Due to popular demand we are putting out C3 Mock 2.0.  This version takes into account the first full week of Free Agency and there has been some movement.  Smokewagon is back making his picks along with me in the First Round.  We each give insight as to why we think each one makes sense.  And as usual, we look at some of these selections from a Panthers Fan point of view, but no matter who you are a fan of, take a look and let us know your thoughts.  You can follow me on twitter at @PanthersDrafter and Smokewagon at @SamSslater96 

Mel Mayock's Picks

After nabbing “Famous Jameis” with the 1st Pick, the Bucs look to protect him.  The Bucs Offensive Line has been a mess and the interior line needs serious help on the right side. they could use an upgrade over starting RG Patrick Omameh,   Pair Cann with RG Logan Mankins and you have something.  This would be a huge pick for the Buc.

According to @sportsbySharona, who is the best follow for anything Titans, points out the Titans desperately need help at CB. 

Peters has all the talent in the world, and so long as he has matured, he is a great pick.


The Raiders top CB last year was TJ Carie and their top FA CB signing to date has been James Dockery.  Now I like Dock, but he isn’t exactly a top-tier CB.  They need help back there and  Kevin Johnson is a playmaker that just knows how to be around the ball.  This Wake Forest standout will be fun to watch.  Too bad he doesn’t fall to 57.

gain, 71 sacks given up in 2014.  If the Jags don’t bolster the line, Blake Bortles will go the way of David Carr.  This is a no-brainer pick to me.  Sambraillo is a great athlete (was an All-State Skier as a youth).  And he should develop into a very good RT.

This pick would ignite Jets fans as it means they are double-dipping at the WR position and will finally have some exciting playmakers on Offense.  At 6’6/ 225 lbs and a 4.49 40, he will create all kinds of matchup nightmares.  While the Patriots have lost both of their starting CBs, the Jets are loading up at WR.  It is make it or break it for Geno.

The Skins need more talent in their Front 7 and need to be able to get after Romo, Manning, and whomever ends up in Philly.  Edwards is an underrated player that I think fits well in Washington.

John Fox loves and needs good Linebackers that will fit Fangio’s systemr.  The Bears struggled at LB last year and though the talented Shaq Thompson is a first-round talent that has fallen into his lap, Fox goes with his teammate in Washington that fits the system better.  Fox will be very happy with this pick.

The Giants have to get younger, healthier and better at Middle Linebacker.  Our guy, Jon Beason is out of gas and a new MLB from the U can come in and take his place.  Perriman plays sideline-to-sideline and will inject some talent and youth into the Giants D.