NFL Announces They Will Be Renaming 5th Round of NFL Draft to the Carolina Round

Panthers fans were excited when the NFL announced earlier this week that they would be awarded a 5th round and a 6th round compensatory pick.  Dave Gettleman was excited, noting he thought they would likely get a 5th and a 7th based on the the NFL's complex formula.  Apparently he was right when claiming that "you've got to go to MIT and be a graduate in astrophysics to figure that out," because the NFL obviously went out and got one to double-check their work.  

So here's how it shakes out:

So we all love the Gettlemagic Dave can do in the later rounds.  I mean, Bene' Benwikere was a 5th round pick...I'll certainly take three of him any day.  We've speculated Carolina could move up to get a guy they wanted, whether its jumping up in the first for Todd Gurley or Landon Collins, or maneuvering from the 3rd to the 2nd to get a guy they love.  Well Carolina has got some real ammunition to do so now!