Charles “Big Money” Johnson Gives Alan Ball Financial Lesson

Money Over Bitches

Charles Johnson knows a little something about money.  I mean, he is known around the league as “Big Money.” On the field, he’s made a living putting quarterbacks on their backs.  Off the field, he keeps a low profile, well if you don’t count those expensive toy cars he collects.  He’s a guy who leads by example.  Like most men of few words, when Big Money speaks, you should listen.  When he talks about money, you better be all ears.

Today, Big Money offered a little financial advice to cornerback Alan Ball who decided to sign with the Chicago Bears instead of the Carolina Panthers:

This is the second time Johnson has offered a fellow player a financial advice.  The last time was nearly a year ago when Big Money reminded Greg Hardy of a most fundamental life lesson after a night of partying and mania: 

Johnson’s advice to Ball was slightly different, but the message was the same, “Money over Bears.”  Ball, according to Money, played the short game.  The real defensive money to be made is in Carolina, and you can bet with a ferocious pass-rusher like Johnson, quarterbacks are going to get mugged. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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