Ganos Take Down Big Game

Panthers kicker, Graham Gano, put out some impressive pictures of his brother’s most recent hunting and fishing expeditions.  This dude takes down big game. 

Surprisingly, Gano took some flack from some guy who found the technological advantage of man disparaging and a girl who found these pictures to be representative of man’s irresponsible handling of nature.

The sad part is that Gano's brother felt obligated to defend the ethics of these conquests.  

Now I’m pretty hipped out by most standards, I mean I do recycle since that is strangely become a political issue.  Hell, call me crazy that I think we should work to preserve the human habitat, but damn, can’t a man fish?  Can’t a man take down this boar that looks the size of a 15 person passenger van?  (I learned that this was a simple use of perspective btw)  I love the passion lady, but, hey, I don’t think that individuals hunting and fishing for sport is anywhere on the top 10,000 of human problems.  We’re not talking about a super vessel dragging nets throughout the ocean catching anything in its path so you can eat your Unagi.

I suggest your next outburst focuses on the huge diesel truck that brings your Patchouli perfume to the mystic store. There’s no way anyone could serious deliver that stanky mess in a Prius. 

I’m going to cut my grass now, but first I must say a prayer for its soul.

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By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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