C3 Mock 1.0 RD 2

This Mock is a little different that the others you’ve seen.  @SamSslater96 and I picked and stated our reasoning for the first round.  I give my reasoning and insights as to why a team will go after a certain player here in the second.  The reasoning could be based on last year’s weaknesses as rated by our friends at ProFootballFocus.com.  Or the reasoning could be the pending loss of a Free Agent.  And BPA logic comes into play too.

We hope you enjoy and look for an updated Mock as we get past Free Agency.  Hit me up on Twitter to give me your thoughts at @PanthersDrafter.  You can tell me I’m great or that I suck.  All comments appreciated.

After making Jameis Winston the first overall selection, the Bucs look to give him protection.  Clemmings is Mike Mayock’s (Not to be confused with Mel Mayock) top rated Tackle in the Draft.  He has all the tools and will take time to develop but good value at 33 for a team that gave up 52 sacks in 2014

The Titan’s Offensive Line has been a mess, ranking 28th in the League according to PFF.   The interior line needs serious help on the left side.  Pair Cann with RG Chance Warmack and you have something.  This would be a huge pick for the Titans.

The Raiders top CB last year was TJ Carie.  They need help back there and  Kevin Johnson is a playmaker that just knows how to be around the ball.  This Wake Forest standout will be fun to watch.

Again, 71 sacks given up in 2014.  If the Jags don’t bolster the line, Blake Bortles will go the way of David Carr.  This is a no-brainer pick to me.  Sambraillo is a great athlete (was an All-State Skier as a youth).  And he should develop into a very good RT.

New Head Coach, Todd Bowles found the face of his franchise in Round 1, but returns to his roots in Round 2.  He oversaw the vaunted Arizona Cardinals Defense and will look to put his stamp on the Jets.  The only weak link on the Jets D are the Corners where their top three Corners all finished with negative grades by PFF for the season.  Carter is smart and long.  Look for him to start right away and be a cornerstone in the Todd Bowles Defense.

The Redskins had trouble stopping the run and getting after the passer in 2014 totalling 36 sacks.  In the NFC East that won’t cut it.  Armstead will infuse some size and pass rushing ability from Day 1.  At his size (6’7 / 291), he will be able to set the edge, which will help in the run game.

John Fox loves and needs good Linebackers that will fit Fangio’s systemr.  The Bears struggled at LB last year and though the talented Shaq Thompson is a first-round talent that has fallen into his lap, Fox goes with his teammate in Washington that fits the system better.  Fox will be very happy with this pick.

The Giants have to get younger, healthier and better at Middle Linebacker.  Our guy, Jon Beason is out of gas and a new MLB from the U can come in and take his place.  Perriman plays sideline-to-sideline and will inject some talent and youth into the Giants D.