Charlie Casserly Continues Baseless Hate of Cam Newton


The former NFL GM, who stated he would take “Kevin Kolb over Cam Newton 100 times out of 100 chances," Charlie Casserly, just can’t help but hate on Cam Newton. 


By this point, the hate has just become tired. Winston hasn’t thrown a pass yet, and he’s better than a 2-time Pro Bowler and former Offensive Rookie of the Year?  Charlie “tuna” Cassorole is still just as asinine as he was when he was heaping praise on Kevin Kolb.  Where is old Corn Kolb by the way?  Well he’s retired already.  I’m not trying to dump on Kolb because he’s cited that four concussions hastened the end of his football career, but injuries aside because Cam has had his share, and Newton is a football giant in comparison. 

Cam Newton

Now Winston may very well have a good career.  All signs indicate he is an elite prospect that has the potential to be a great NFL player.  Winston, however, hasn’t taken a single snap, hit, or completed a pass in the NFL, let alone do anything that indicates he is better than Cam Newton. 

So Mr. Caserole…please elucidate just how Winston is “better” than Cam Newton? Does he have a less troubled background?  Does he have more National Championships or Heisman Trophies than Cam Newton?  Oh I know, he surely must hold more NFL records or honors than Newton.  Surely he has won more games, shown more fortitude and resiliency, or done anything other than have a solid combine and Pro Day. 

It’s clear why Charlie “tuna” Casserole doesn’t have a job in an NFL front office.  I’m still trying to figure out why he has a job with the NFL Network.  What's the true basis of comparison among these players?  What made him single out Cam Newton and not Derek Carr or Andy Dalton? The greatest shame in this matter is that the NFL is promoting steaming pile of Texan dung posing as football analysis.   

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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