Ultimate Draft: Offense vs Defense

DJ Humphries

DJ Humphries

Bleacher Report has put out two videos highlighting how the Panthers could create the “ultimate” offense or defense. This got me thinking, how would I do it? So I did it! My picks are based off the Drafttek mock draft, where I took only available players I saw as best fit for the Panthers. 

Let's start on the side of the ball I feel will get the most help drafted to it this year, offense

Pick 25:  I look to the right, YIKES! And now to the left, YIKES! Let's grab D.J. Humphries. The Charlotte native looks to be a great option at left tackle. He plays mean, he plays strong, but above  all, he plays athletic. With strong footwork, heavy hands and good technique this late draft riser would change the Panthers line instantly. I feel he will play one year at RT before the inevitable switch to the blind side. For years to come, Cam will have his protection in the longest running backyard baller around! 

Phillip Dorsett

Pick 57: Speed! Let's get some! Let's blow the tops off of teams and create holes for our amazing big guys to get more “open” looks. Phillip Dorsett, he’s actually the pick of the draft. What more can I say about a team that needs speed and a kid that has speed making a perfect match? With 4.29 speeds, good hands, and a rapid developing route tree, he fits, and if it fits I picks! He will add so much to a team that needs what he has. Averaging 25 yards per catch and with 800 yards, some people say he was robbed by not having a QBs with an arm big enough to use him right. Cam doesn't have the problem, in fact, Cam’s issue is too big of an arm.  

Pick 89: Again my buddy, Mel Mayock, and I agree here, but may have slightly different ideas on why. I’m going for the double dip, and I want Cedric Ogbuehi. Here is my idea after the torn ACL this former top 10 consideration falls to the Panthers in round 3. With the tackle spots for 2015 looking set at Oher and D.J. (according to this draft), Cedric is in no huge rush to play. When he does hit the field, he can take time at LT,RT and OG (played all in college) just to see where he fits best. Ogbuehi is a future high value pick making the Panthers 2016 line amazing! As well as for many years to come. Whether it be at tackle or guard, Ogbuehi has ability to be a Pro Bowler at both! 

Now let's look at the other side of the ball, defense, and see three picks that could make Carolina’s defense elite and one of the most feared defenses this game has ever seen. 

Pick 25: He is versatile, and we’re not quite sure if he finishes as SS or LB, but either way Shaq Thompson will fit a NEED on the Carolina defense. A twitchy athlete who reads plays well (he also played RB in college this might be the reason), Shaq has great field vision. He just looks like an all-around player who will fit right in with TD and Luke. As a side note, he is the guy you want to pick up a fumble because he is deadly the ball in his hands! 

Pick 57: Ask any Panthers fan to name their favorite school outside the state, and I’ll bet Utah is mentioned a few times. So let's dip back into the pool and grab from the school that has been so good to the Panthers! Nate Orchard gets sacks! This is a no brainer. He’s a quick player who had solid production throughout his collegiate career, but then exploded for 18.5 sacks last year!  He not only adds depth but also adds ability to the Panthers D-line. 

Pick 89: Let's look at a corner for this pick. This pick goes to Ronald Darby, a guy who ran a 4.38 is what the Panthers need to keep up with the quick receivers they will face in the years to come. He can get down field fast and knows how to play both press and zone. Coming from a team like FSU, where opponents utilize aggressive vertical attacks, he has cut his teeth versus some of the best teams around.  

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