Concept Uniforms by Jacob Brooks Design

Nothing is cooler to fans than a sweet concept uniform.  Tradition is great, but sports wear has become such an important part of popular culture, the concept uniform simply caters to so many things we love as fans.  

Recently, Jacob Brooks design put out some sick concept uniforms for the Carolina Panthers. From talking with him on Twitter, he's working up designs for all 32 teams.  Now I'm a big fan of an all black uniform.  I know Carolina has a black pants, black jersey they roll out occasionally, but it's missing the final touch--the black helmet.  Currently, the NFL has some strange rule that teams can only use one helmet throughout the season, hence the silver helmet sported with the black uniform.   Brooks's designs take the deadly black on black concept to a new level. 

Check out Jacob Brooks's mock up of an updated, deadly set of uniforms.  I'm partial to the all black, but that blue helmet is pretty dope too.  Make sure you hop over to and give Jacob a fan applause, because this will just make your day. Be sure to follow his work on Twitter @RZW_Brooks