Draft Selection Predictions & Tonight's Festivities

A few C3 writers were feeling froggy one night and challenged each other to a picks contest. The C3 crew is always up for a challenge so below are our picks.  By the end of the weekend we'll see who gets the most correct.  Definitely a fun but challenging exercise.  I hope you enjoy: and don't forget to join us tonight at 7:30 EST as Panther Nation hangs out and watches the draft together.  We'll have special guests from other other teams coming in and commenting on their team's draft.  We are also going to have some fun Panther give aways like T shirts for guessing the Panthers pick and some other picks.  Join us for all or some of tonight's fun at:  https://youtu.be/qDAI6EtJvis

I'd love to see your comments on who you think will get the most number of picks right.

Go Panthers!