Who Could Be The Dark Horse Draft Pick For Carolina?

With The 2015 NFL Draft upon us, "WE" as Panthers fans have discussed ad nauseam which players that "WE" have foreshadowed Dave Gettleman and the crew selecting over the next three days, especially the one lucky new Panther to hear their name called on Thursday night. I wanted to pump the brakes a minute on the usual suspects in Humphries, Gurley, Peat, and Thompson that have been the go to answers pretty much across the board, and get some feedback on who you guys might think Gettleman has in his back pocket as our first round selection. 

I'll start things off with my player and give an explanation into why this scenario could be a REAL possibility as the Roger Goodell is reading the name off the teleprompter to us gluttons for punishment. 

My dark horse is...........Cameron Erving OL FSU

Erving you ask, why did Smokewagon take a center? Well let me try to explain. When picking at 25 alot of thing s can happen before it is even your turn to pick, like the "for reallzz" that the OT's Dave wanted are gone, Shaq the Back is waiving at you while wearing another teams cap, and both Gordon and Gurley are already hoping a plane to go meet with their new franchises. For me I would give a long look at Erving in this case and think about now and the future. Erving is this drafts equivalent to a five tool player in baseball. He can come in and play at either tackle spot if the team needs him there, guard, yes I know we have Turner and Norwell but as Gettleman always has said "I believe in competition", and then that leads me to center which he is very good at if Kalil was to go down to injury. 

Everyone seems to want someone in the wings this offseason.......

I have seen many fans wanting Shaq Thompson here in the wings to replace TD when that day comes or a future #1 RB so we can issue in a new era after J-Stew. I wonder why so many seem to have forgotten or chose to ignore the fact that Ryan Kalil is nearing the end of his deal and has made it to the 30 hump this season. Lest not we forget he really has not been the same since coming off his Lisfranc injury a few short seasons ago (if you look at this with an objective lens, you have seen exactly what I see.) With everything Erving could bring from a talent standpoint and versatility to a 53 man roster, this would make for a no-brainer to a GM like Dave Gettleman.

There you have it, Cam Erving the Carolina Panthers 2015 first round pick............


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