Shaq Thompson Gets The Cat On His Hat

So I have to admit I really wanted Landon Collins to be the man, but Shaq Thompson ended up the pick.   Coach Rivera says that Shaq gives them versatility on Defense.  He can play Safety and con come down into the box as a Linebacker.  The interesting thing to me is he averaged 7 yards per carry at Running Back too.  But as a defender he is a very headsy and will make a strong compliment to Luke Kuechly for years to come.   Watch the highlights below and you'll see a player with great anticipation and instincts.

The part that we don't know that Gettleman does is his personality and competitive fire. Hopefully we'll look back next year and wonder why we were perplexed with this pick.  Moving on to tomorrow, we absolutely must add some Offensive talent for Cam.  But for tonight, enjoy these highlights.