JP's Five Guys at Pick 25

Pick 25!  Who do we get!  In this article we will look at how 5 guys fit, and why I think they will be available, I will look at five guys all from different positions as not to just give the same reasoning each time.

They are in no particular order of want and all prospects based off need. Leave your comments to let us know if you agree, or who you would like to see the Panthers take at Pick 25.  And I think I'm going to get a burger from Five Guys after writing this article.  Hope you enjoy.

Landon Collins

This kid sets an aggressive tone from the strong safety position.  He plays the run very well and delivers tone-setting hits.  Watch below and you'll see what I mean:

He would be a Day 1 starter for Carolina giving them the ability to pull a LB off the field and still be able to stuff the run.  He would play best against the  run and screen-plays, which are both very big parts of NFL offenses. He is a little bit of a liability in pass plays but is tone-setting in run plays makes up for that. His quick wits and Football IQ will ensure he is a Pro Bowl player.

I think he will be available just based off of teams prioritizing CBs over safeties.  I will view it as fortunate if he is available at 25

DJ Humphries

Some will argue he is the best LT and the most ready LT Prospect in the Draft.  He plays with a mean-streak and you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with better footwork.

He needs help with his hand placement but he is a very young talented player.  Much like Trai Turner last year (our 3rd Rd Pick out of LSU), Humphries should have returned for one more year in college but he is willing to cut his teeth in the NFL and he looks ready to do so.  Turner struggled a little early but is definitely on the rise and was a steal in Round 3.

The reason I think he will be available is because he is at highest the third best OL prospect and I feel Flowers will be taken ahead of him and be moved inside to guard in hopes of a Zack Martin repeat.  Andrus Peat very well may taken ahead of Humphries too purely because he “looks” more like a prototypical LT.

Todd Gurley  

Todd Gurley

Todd Gurley

The game changing RB,  who if not for a torn ACL, would not make it out of the top five picks. He plays every play big! He can run the ball outside with track star speed or run it up the middle with the best backs in the League.  His ACL is a worry, however if Gettleman is going to select him, you can rest assured that the team feels good about the health of his knee.  Many times recently, running backs come back even stronger after ACL surgery. (see both Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles).  His knee really is the only reason why he would be available (that and the emergence of top back Melvin Gordon).

Kevin Johnson

This Backyard Baller will be the guy we need at CB. He has the smooth hips and fluidity that you will look at for an outside CB. He is tall lanky and knows how to play his position to the fullest of his athleticism. His technique is slightly off but that will grow and be developed over time. He will be available just off the fact that he is the third maybe fourth CB in draft-boards but he will be a great fit for us.  He has met with the Panthers and if he is there at 25, don't be surprised if he is the pick.  Pair him with Norman and let Bene' Benwikere move into the slot and our secondary is no longer a weakness on the team.  Solid option at 25.

Shaq Thompson

He looks the part of an outside linebacker in the NFL and would be the perfect fit in the Panthers’ system.  He plays much like Thomas Davis does and always seems to be near the ball.  He can cover (also played SS in college).  He is twitchy and will be able to play on RBs both running and screen-plays.  He will also be able to play on optioned cover plays making the need for CB a little bit less urgent.  He will be an every down player who will change the tone of this already outstanding defense. He will be an amazing option for this team. His availability is just purely that people are sleeping on him as a player because he never quite settled into one position in college (playing LB SS RB and on ST).  Watch below and you'll see why I'm excited about this guy.

So these are five difference-makers that I’d like to see the Panthers select on Draft Day. Any of them will make me happy and I’m excited to see how this plays out.  Now I'm off to get that Five Guy's burger.  Not sure why I have the craving, but it's going to be good.  Maybe as good as these five guys in Panther uniforms?  What do you think Panther Nation?  Hit me up on Twitter @jpwary