10 Targets For The Panthers For Tonight

Going into the Draft I did not predict Shaq Thompson at 25 (I predicted Landon Collins). However, I did predict that instead of reaching for the fourth or fifth best player at a position like OT or WR, that the Panthers would take who they think is the best in a position group that doesn’t have as much depth.  Shaq fills that bill for sure as LB and Safety (not sure yet where he’ll settle in) are the two “shallowest” positions in the draft. And there were reports that the Panthers were showing more interest in Shaq than any other team.  Shaq gets the cat on his hat and I look forward to getting to know him as a Panther.

Some of you have chimed in on what you want:

So what will our beloved Panthers do tonight?  What other indicators are there?  Well two things that I think we look to do.  One is to add speed on Offense and one is to add a big body in the trenches.  With that in mind, below are:

Top players that I’m looking at in Rounds Two and Three. 

1-   Tevin Coleman-  This is a special Running Back that reminds me of DeMarco Murray.  At 5’11/206 he is a little smaller than Murray but has that same explosion through a hole and glides down the field with surprising ease.  He ran a 4.41 and 4.39 40 and doesn’t dance around.  Production was off the charts too as he had 2,036 yards last year.  Here’s something I love about the kid that you may not know.  He was born ten weeks early and given a 20% of survival. He is a fighter and will fit the Keep Pounding mold.  He’s my pick if there at 57.


2-  Jake Fisher-  This is a guy that reminds me of Jordan Gross.  At 6’6/ 308 he is athletic and gets out to the second level very well.  I would be shocked if he’s there at 57.  If he is, I’m pounding the table.

3-  Quinton Rollins-  Here’s a DB that could end up being the steal of the draft at DB.  I think he can be as good as any DB in the draft.  And with Peanut Tillman on a one-year deal and Josh Norman in a contract year, it would make a lot of sense to pull the trigger, especially if he is there at 89.  But honestly I would not be upset at all if he’s the guy at 57.  Watch how special he is:

4-  Jaelen Strong- Panthers type receiver.  Big target.  Also ran a 4.41 40 at his Pro Day.  I do doubt he’s there at 57 but if he is, wow.  Put him across from Benjamin and that is one heck of a combination.  Put Philly in the slot immediately.  

5-  Justin Hardy-  Here’s a guy that I really want in Round 3.  And won’t be mad if he’s the pick at 57.  See how he compares to Ricky Proehl.  The similarities are stunning.  And I want to watch The Professor and Freakn’ Puerto Rican lose their minds.

6-  Donovan Smith-  Big, huge man out of Penn State.  More athletic than many think.  Good feet for a man that is 6’6/ 338 lbs.  Watch his movement below.  Could he play LT?  

7-  Tyler Lockett-  Here’s a guy that is small but highly productive and very versatile.  The Panthers probably want more size that what Lockett offers but he would certainly offer a dynamic punch to an Offense that needs it.  And would make Ted Ginn expendable after this season.  If he’s there at 89, he could be our next 89.

8-  Michael Bennett- Would really seem weird for the Panthers to go DT here, but the Panthers have met with him recently and he is one heck of a penetrating DT that will help as Edwards and Cole are getting older and Star and KK will both be up for contracts soon.  Don’t be surprised if he’s the pick.

9-  Devin Smith-  This young man would add speed to the WR group and if he is there at 57, he would make a ton of sense.  At 6’0/ 196 lbs. he is a good sized deep threat that tracks the deep ball very well.  He’d make a great WR2 for the Panthers.

10- Jeremiah Poutasi-  Here's a guy that makes pancakes in his sleep.  A dominating Tackle that is very underrated.  At 6'5/ 339lbs, he may be best suited for RT, but man would he look good in Carolina blue.

There are other big names out there like Randy Gregory (who has met with the Panthers) and Dorial Green-Beckham and even Landon Collins.  But the above 10 guys that I could see having a shot at getting a cat on their hats tonight.  What do you think?  Who do you want?