There Is A Funchess Amoungst Us

Devin Funchess

The Panthers sure have pulled another shocker on Day 2 by taking Devin Funchess out of Michigan.  Before the Combine he was my #5 WR for the us to target.   I have to say his 4.7 40 at the Combine turned off everyone including me.  But just watching him play, he is a man among boys.  Think about this, Greg Olsen, Kelvin Benjamin and now Devin Funchess all on the field at once.  Not the fastest group, but man are we big.  I'm not sure how folks will cover us, and I guess that is the point.  

I'm disappointed we had to give up a third round pick to get him, but Gettleman must have been convinced that he is the right guy for us and that the Saints had him targeted as the replacement for Jimmy Graham.  

Do yourself a favor, reserve judgement and check out his highlights here: