Closer Look at Devin Funchess: Interview with Mark Snyder of Detroit Free Press

C3 caught up with Michigan Wolverine beat writer for the Detroit Free Press to get some more insight on Carolina's second round pick.  The Panthers moved up to Funchess, a guy with tight-end size and wide-receiver athleticism, but what did they really get in this Michigan product?  He's a guy who had a startling slow combine 40-yd time, but bounced back with a startling fast Pro Day 40-yd time.  He's got some crazy tools, size, catch radius, and athleticiscm, but he wasn't all that productive in college and had a concerning 8.8% drop percentage.  

So who really is Funchess?  Is he the 4.47 Pro Day guy or is he the 4.7 run backwards guy?  We wanted to know, so we found someone who has followed him throughout his high-school and college career. 

From the Interview:

"He's eternally been caught in between what he is."

"He saw an opportunity to be a dynamic wide receiver, and that is going to be a better position for him going into the NFL." 

"He's crazy athletic and he's pretty fast."

"He never got the ball in the prime spots and he always had guys right on him after the got the ball."

"After that first game there wasn't really any consistency or productivity."

"There were a number of times he could have impacted their season by keeping things moving and he just never got to that point.  He dropped balls in critical situations definitely."

 "There's a potential for him to be a dynamic pass-catcher."