Panther Targets For Day 3

What a day we are blessed with today.  Rounds 4-7, then the Kentucky Derby, the Mayweather vs Pacquiao.  There are still several names that I want to see get a cat on their hat today.  Below are my targets.  I want to hear from you. 

1- Jay Ajayi-  I can't believe this guy is still on the board.  Slight medical issue, but not long term.  Best receiving back in the draft.  Had over 500 yards receiving last year.  3 down back that would be an amazing pick at 124.  Check him out:

2- Justin Hardy-  Yes, after Funchess we most likely won't go WR, but dang I want this guy.  You could immediately have a great WR stable for years to come if we do.

3-  Daryl Williams-  This is a Hog Molly out of Oklahoma that is under rated.  He could start Day 1 at RT and perhaps one day move to Left.  We have met with him so keep an eye on this one.


4-  Tyrus Thompson-  Williams' team mate that played LT for Oklahoma.  Big and powerful, and probably would settle in at RT.

5.  Laurence Gibson-  At 6'6/305 out of Virginia Tech, this is a guy that could sit behind Oher for a year and develop into a really good LT.  Has good feet and quickness, just needs consistency.  I like him a bunch.

6.  Za'Darius Smith- Here's an under rated pass rusher out of Kentucky that could really develop behind Charles Johnson and help us down the road.

So who do you want Panther fans?  These are my six targets for day 3.  Follow me today and every day on Twitter at @PanthersDrafter and let's talk Panthers Football!