Greg Hardy Learned "You Can't Fix Stupid"

It seems like I can't escape Greg Hardy.  Just when I start to forget about the frustration caused by his shenanigans, he goes and does something stupid.  It's obviously something that can't be fixed. 

I'm not even a Hardy hater, or I hadn't been.  I've always maintained that the severity of his punishment was because of the NFL's PR backpedaling, not because of some genuine desire to improve their ethical position.  Here's where I have to caveat disappointingly that in no way to I condone domestic violence.  I, however, do think we should be careful from grandstanding by making "domestic" violence something we chivalrously chastise, while letting other moral, ethical, and legal violations slide.   I'm generally of the anti-violence persuasion period (aside from that sporting violence like football or boxing).  I'm also a guy who doesn't feel it necessary to blackball anyone because of a past mistake or misstep when they've shown genuine contrition. 

With that said, it's getting harder and harder for me to forgive "stupid."  You may say, well "one can't really help if they are stupid.  They may be too stupid to know they are acting a fool."  That's fair I guess in some cases.  In other cases, stupid is just stupid, and even the simplest simpleton can see it.   Greg Hardy has fallen into that category.  

As if finding himself in a domestic dispute the weekend the Carolina Panthers hosted a domestic violence awareness banquet wasn't enough. As if alienating an entire fanbase wasn't enough.  As if flaunting their hard earned money vacationing from the 2014 season to produce some whack ass rap album wasn't bad enough.  As if one of his earliest tweets back after his first Twitter Haidas about wanting to do a sex tape with Kanye and Kim Kardashian wasn't enough.  Hardy had to go and offend all of 'Merica. 

Alt text

Now I've done some dumb, insensitive stuff before in my life.  There is no possible world, however, where this is clever, funny, or acceptable.  After a long and mostly awkward moment where everyone knew this was a jackass move and Hardy still hadn't figured it out, it looks like the Cowboys brass stepped in an tried to fix stupid. 

As Ron White noted, "you can't fix stupid."  In the immediate aftermath of tweeting an apology about the insensitive comment about one of the greatest American tragedies, Hardy continued to show out on Twitter.   

He defended:

He almost apologized:

He showed out:

He excused himself:

He returned first as "N/A," and now as "The Villian King:" 

He self-congratulated:

And he reminded, he's still the same guy prone to doing and saying dumb shit.  He's more than a personality.  He wishes this attention upon himself, and after the fallout in Carolina, it appears he's become akin to the negative publicity that comes with stupid.  Remember when he Instagrammed himself going over 100 mph in his new Bentley?  Well take a look at this Vine video he recently made while clearly driving: 

I thought I was done writing about Hardy, well at least until Thanksgiving anyway.  I may just be after he likely blocks me from his Twitter account for this post.  I'm not trolling nor looking for things to jump on.  In fact, I'm Hardy fatigued by this point.  I felt though that this was just something insensitive and severe enough that I had to get it of my chest.  

If I put an lol at the end, does that make it all in good fun? Does this all the sudden become a joke that the Kraken should get?

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn