La'el Passed The Poly, Will The Panthers Land Him?

There is no hotter topic than La’el Collins and should the Panthers go after him.  Folks are asking me on a regular basis if I think we will sign him.  After all, he would give the Panthers their third player that the Panthers Brass had a First-Round grade one.  One rabid Panther fan is starting a petition:


First let’s take a look at the player then let’s look at his situation.  Then vote at the end and let me know if you would go after him.

La’el Collins        LSU            6’5        321

La’el has been on my radar for well over a year now and back then, I had him mocked to the Panthers in the top 15 for this season.  He played 38 games in the ultra-competitive SEC and plays with a mean streak.  He likes to get his hands on the defender and finish them off.  He shows some good athleticism by getting out to the second level and cutting defenders to the ground.  

Collins grew up in Baton Rouge, LA and I truly don’t want to see him playing for his hometown Saints.  But he will make any line that he chooses to play for a better line.

Some people out there had him going very high in the draft and some think he would have been the best Tackle in this class.  

This situation has cost this young man millions of dollars.  

The Situation (not this guy):

Just before the draft the police in Louisiana called him back home for questioning in the murder of his ex-girlfriend.  He was not named a subject but rather was wanted for questioning.  Every team decided to pass on drafting La’El.  No team wanted to associate themselves with a possible Rae Carruth situation.  

Reports are not however that he has been questioned, answered every question and even passed a polygraph test.  It has also been proven that he is not the father of the child that was also sadly murdered.  My heart goes out to the family of that child and the woman that passed.  Truly a sad situation.

What Now?:

The Panthers have had dinner with La’el and he is good friends with Panthers Right Guard, Trai Turner who has been recruiting him.

The Reality and Bottom Line:

But many other teams including Philadelphia, Buffalo and Dallas have openly recruited him as well.  He will make the same money no matter where he goes and it is a low number.  His destination is up to him.  My question is do you want him as your next LT?  Vote and let's see if Mr. Richardson agrees with you.  I say do it.