Attention NFL Franchises: Hold On To Your Red Flags

NFL Head Coaches are limited to only two challenges per game, and receive a third if the first two challenges were successful. Because of the lack of challenges allowed per game they are hesitant when they should throw the flag. The front offices should be the same way when players have character issues. A red flag is usually thrown when a prospect does something questionable that could relate to academics, substance abuse, criminal activity, violations, and personal issues. But maybe they shouldn't be so quick to judge these NFL prospects. What if they were falsely accused? Are there really any character concerns?

This blemish in the prospects record creates concerns and questions that need to be answered before an NFL franchise can trust that individual. This could prevent the player from being drafted or could cause them to fall, and lose money in the process.

There were red flags thrown at Cam Newton coming into the 2011 NFL Draft, but that didn't prevent the Carolina Panthers from drafting him with the first overall pick. He was known as one of the most athletically gifted quarterbacks in draft history. But he also had some baggage.

The were reg flags thrown for his Dad asking for money during the recruiting process, having a fake smile, enormous ego, sloppy play, and being inconsistent.

Did his dad ask for money to attend Mississippi State?

There is evidence documented that claims that Cecil Newton asked for $120,000 to $180,000 for his son to sign, and play for the Bulldogs. But the NCAA didn't find any major violations because Cam had no knowledge or involvement with this misconduct.

Does Cam have a fake smile and enormous ego?

Cam Newton is always smiling when he is on the field. You can tell that he loves to play the game and joke around with his teammates, and the fans. Cam Newton said this when referring to his “fake smile”, “They’re looking to see why I do it,” Newton said. “‘Why does he keep wearing a smile? Is it a fake smile? Is it something that’s genuine?’ For me to be around these kids, it puts it all into perspective for me. This is why I work out. This is why I always try to keep my image as flawless as possible. Because for those kids, I go from a hero to a guy where they can say, ‘Oh Cam, he’s just like us.’” As for the ego, he is an NFL quarterback, and you have to be confident in your abilities to succeed in this league.

Is Cam's play sloppy and inconsistent?

You can't really judge a quarterback about his play being sloppy and inconsistent when he has been hit or sacked the most times in the past four seasons. Newton has been hit or sacked a total of 531 times, which is 259 more times than next in line Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Cam Newton has been known to overthrow receivers, but he hasn't had the best protection, or any offensive weapons the past few seasons. Even with being called “sloppy” and inconsistent”, he has set NFL rookie records, won two NFC South titles, AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and 2x Pro Bowler.

I am looking forward to this coming season because a lot of questions will be answered. Cam Newton will have offensive weapons and a solid offensive line. Newton should have a great season and the Panthers should win the NFC South again!

When should a red flag actually be relevant?

By, Justin Raymond

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