First Round Fantasy Projections By Mel

Fantasy Football is almost here!  July turns the minds of Geeks like me to pondering  about how Draft Night will unfold.  Should you go RB first or take the player that has the widest gap between him and the next player at his position?  These are questions that dominate my July days while floating in the pool.  

C3 has the funnest Fantasy Football League that is for Panther fans. This is a League that has 48 teams and four Divisions.  Each week there are great Panther prizes (like this awesome Luke Kuechly autographed football pictured to the right).given away and is not like any other FF League out there.  If you want in, sign-ups are July 21st.  Stay on the look out.  But for now, take a peek at who I think are the first round players to consider in your FF League this year.  

This article is less about numbers (click on the players' name if you want their stats) and more about my feel and thought on each guy.  I hope you enjoy.

Mel's Top 12

1-  Adrian Peterson-  There will be some that will scream “no way!”  I think they are the same folks that screamed “no way” to the same question when he was coming  back from an ACL tear.  I think AP will dominate once again, and with Mike Wallace on the team, he’ll most likely have one less safety in the box to run against.  He will be ticked off and will run angry.  I expect AP to be the rushing-leader this year.


2-  Shady McCoy-  Here’s a guy that is perhaps the most talented RB in the league and is moving to an Offense where he will be the focus.   He will get 20+ touches per game.  Rex Ryan will lean on McCoy throughout the season.  I look for him to have a real shot at the rushing title.


3-  Eddie Lacy-  One of the rare 3-down backs in the league and is sure to put up big numbers again.  My only problem with him is AR is so good, I think he loses goal-line touches to his QB and his golden arm.  But too good of a situation to not pick up Lacy if you have the chance.


4-  Le’Veon Bell-  If not for the 4-game suspension, he’s my Number 1 Pick.  Absolute beast out of the backfield.  Still not a bad pick at #`1, but no matter where you pick him, make sure you get DeAngelo Williams as his handcuff.

5-  Marshawn Lynch-  Here’s a guy that I always talk myself out of taking because he’s never happy.  And he always seems to be out of the teams long-term plans.  But with a new contract and with the team having another weapon (in Jimmy Graham) I see Lynch having another great season.  If I pass on him again this year, I will be kicking myself again come playoff time.


6-  Rob Gronkowski-  Gronk is the centerpiece of the NE Patriot Offense.  If your league requires a TE, he is the very best at what he does and assuming he stays healthy, he will give your team a huge advantage on a weekly basis.  Unconventional approach to be sure, but you won’t get him in the 2nd round.


7- Jamaal Charles-  Look for Charles to be a reliable bell-cow yet again.  He has the homerun threat that will win you three games by himself.  But he also disappears for a few games too.


8-  CJ Anderson-  Here’s a guy that will be another bell-cow and will get plenty of touches as the Broncos look to take the pressure off of Peyton Manning.  Coach Kubiak will lean on Anderson like he did with Arian Foster in Houston.


9-  OBJ-  This guy did more in 12 games than most players did in a season last year.  IF he stays healthy, he will make your team competitive every week and he supplants Megatron as the must-have first rounder.


10-  Andrew Luck-  I hate to admit it, but Luck is a Fantasy machine and if you are looking for a QB to lead the way for your team, look no further than the Caveman.


11-  Arian Foster-  I just don’t trust that he’ll stay healthy, but if he does, he is a Fantasy Stud.  He will have games with 3 touchdowns and 100 yards.  He’s a risk, but with a high reward.


12-  Antonio Brown-  To me, he is the best WR in football and If I’m picking 12th and 13th I think I double up with him and Dez Bryant.  Brown has the best karate kick of any WR too.


So who do you like?  Tell me where you agree and disagree with me.  And join the fun of the C3 FF League.  DM me if you want a spot reserved.


Posted by Mel Mayock