Did The Panthers Finally Get It Right By Paying Cam?

Cam Newton

The Carolina Panthers have made some mistakes in the past with big money contracts. They have a bad track record of grossly overpaying players and those players not living up to their expectations. Some players that come to mind more recently are DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Julius Peppers (franchise tag), and Jake Delhomme.

DeAngelo Williams (2011) and Jonathan Stewart (2012) aka "Smash and Dash" signed 5 year deals that combined for $79.5 million. After signing the extension neither running back has eclipsed 900 rushing yards or reached double digit touchdowns in a season. Both are injury prone, and Williams was released this offseason. So the Panthers are hoping Stewart will be able to pay them back this season, by taking over the starter role and carrying the workload.

Julius Peppers was and probably still is one of the most athletic players in the NFL. He left for free agency after the Panthers franchised him for $16.683 million during the 2007 NFL season. Yes Peppers had a great season and recorded 14.5 sacks after being franchised, but it still was a waste of money. The Panthers made no attempt to trade him that season and the relationship ended with a nasty battle.

In 2009, the Carolina Panthers made one of the worst decisions in franchise history. They gave quarterback Jake Delhomme a 5-year contract extension worth $42.5 million ($20 million guaranteed). When he signed that contract he was 34 years old, just had reconstructive elbow surgery, and struggled tremendously against the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs. But for some reason they still had faith in the “Ragin Cajun”. Delhomme’s career with the Panthers ended in 2010 when he was put on injured reserve for breaking his finger.

Cam Newton

The Panthers finally made a smart decision this offseason. Panther Nation you can thank Dave Gettleman, Jerry Richardson, and Ron Rivera for Cam Newton’s 5-year deal worth up to $103.8 million ($60 million guaranteed). The Carolina Panthers believe in their quarterback and the fans should too. Gettleman said, “He’s gifted. He’s a worker and it’s important to him. That’s why we did this deal. We’ll believe he’ll take us to the Promised Land.”

All of you Cam Newton haters listen up! Cam Newton is the Panthers franchise quarterback and deserves this deal. There are so many reasons why the Panthers signed him to a contract extension, but this article will get too long and you'll probably stop reading. So I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Cam Newton is one of the most athletically gifted quarterbacks in the NFL. No other quarterback has the same combination of size, speed, and arm strength in the league. Throughout his short NFL career he has accomplished more in that period of time than any other quarterback in franchise history. He has been the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, set NFL records, and won two NFC South titles. Why wouldn't the Panthers front office give him this HUGE deal? He has improved, he is healthy and the Panthers have surrounded him with some talent. Cam Newton and the Panthers should have a successful season, and I am looking forward to watching this contract pay off!

What are your expectations for Cam Newton after this huge deal?

By, Justin Raymond

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