Fantasy Football: #1 Pick Arguments for Quarterbacks

I have never seen a quarterback taken number one overall in a fantasy football draft. I have however seen two quarterbacks drafted with the third pick. Those quarterbacks were Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. In order for a quarterback to be drafted that high, they need to be “elite” and consistent. It also doesn’t hurt if that quarterback leads a potent offense.

So why should you draft a quarterback with the first overall pick in your fantasy football draft? Well they lead fantasy football in scoring last season, and they're also involved in just about every play on offense. But there are really only two quarterbacks worthy of a first round selection.

Below you will find my arguments for why these two quarterbacks are elite fantasy football quarterbacks.

Why should Andrew Luck be the number one pick?

I can give you seven reasons why Andrew Luck should be selected with the number one overall pick in your fantasy football draft. Those seven reasons are: WR Andre Johnson, WR TY Hilton, WR Donte Moncrief, WR Duron Carter, WR Phillip Dorsett, TE Dwayne Allen, and TE Colby Fleener. Are you kidding me with how many offensive weapons the Indianapolis Colts have? The Colts offense is more deadly than a stink bomb in a high school bathroom.

According to, Luck only finished six points behind Aaron Rodgers in standard scoring last season. Andrew Luck also threw the most touchdowns (40) and averaged more passing yards (298) than Aaron Rodgers (274), Peyton Manning (295), and Matt Ryan (293).

Why should Aaron Rodgers be the number one pick?

Aaron Rodgers scored the most fantasy football points last season with 342. His passing attempts were down, but that was because of RB Eddie Lacy's success. Since the 2009 season, Aaron Rodgers has finished in the top 3 overall for most fantasy points five times. The only reason it wasn't six times, was because of his injury. He 's a quarterback with a big arm, astounding accuracy, and offensive weapons. His weapons are WR Randall Cobb, WR Jordy Nelson, WR Davante Adams, TE Richard Rodgers, and company. Rodgers was the 2014 MVP and the distance between him ,and the other quarterbacks in the fantasy world is growing.

Who will be the better fantasy quarterback this coming season?

Andrew Luck might throw more interceptions than Rodgers, but Luck is still young and improving each season. I see Luck taking the fantasy scoring belt from Rodgers this season if the Colts offensive line decides to block.

Are there any other quarterbacks that deserve to be picked in the first round?

By, Justin Raymond

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