Is Cam Newton's Girlfriend Pregnant? And What it Could Mean Going Forward

Amid recent rumors, I find myself in a familiar position, defending the Panther’s star quarterback Cam Newton. Though most find nothing wrong with fathering a child, it is the circumstances surrounding the situation that make me feel a bit uneasy. After we analyze what we know and what we don’t know, feel free to leave your conclusion on the matter in the comment section below.

Hazel's Baby Bump. Image Credit: Terez Owens

Hazel's Baby Bump. Image Credit: Terez Owens

A little over a week ago, sports gossip blog Terez Owens, posted a photo of what appears to be Cam Newton, Newton’s girlfriend Hazel, and Hazel’s daughter taking a walk down the street. In the photo, Hazel seems to be toting a little bit of a “baby bump” under her shirt. Since then, many articles congratulating and welcoming Cam into fatherhood have been spread across the internet. Things took on a darker tone a few days ago when a surprising email came forth, and if legitimate, it would mean Cam is in a very sticky situation.

Before we delve into the email crisis, we first have to cover the history on Cam and Hazel’s relationship. It seems about two and a half years ago, Cam Newton visited a strip club in the Washington D.C. area (ugh). During that visit, Cam caught glance of an attractive dancer by the nickname of Hazel. Since then, the two have been dating on and off until the present. They have been seen together at Kentucky Derby events, and Cam even took her to the NFL Honors ceremony. If you already have reservations about her previous occupation, you might find it concerning that the father of her young daughter is supposedly in prison.

If the last few sentences have you worried, I do have better news. Shortly after meeting Hazel, it is reported that Cam Newton “saved” her, helping her put the “ex” in the ex-stripper title she now owns. It is also known that Cam has a great relationship with her young daughter, Cammy Cam does love the kids after all. So after considering all of this, I was still kind of disappointed in Cam from a moral standpoint, but okay with it from a football stance; NFL players father children out of wedlock all of the time after all. Then came along the email.

Image Credit: Sports Mockery

Image Credit: Sports Mockery

After posting Hazel’s baby bump photo, Terez Owen put up a picture of an anonymous email detailing Hazel’s ulterior motives in carrying Cam’s baby. The email was supposedly written by one of Cam’s friends, even though I pray he is just a fraud. In the email, the person writes that Hazel is just a gold digger out for Newton’s money. In addition to this, he/she adds that Cam is being forced into marriage on the account of his parents being christian, and marrying her would be the “right” thing to do. The writer also adds that Cam got into a relationship with her out of pity, with her being a single mother and all (I gather by the fact she is an attractive woman helped him in his decision somewhat). More disturbingly, he writes that Hazel is blackmailing him into marriage by possibly exposing XXX rated tapes, and even going as far as writing a “tell all book” saying that Cam Newton is abusive. At the end of the message, he adds almost 60 images of Hazel, Hazel’s baby father and daughter, and supposedly a few of Cam as well.

Though the contents of the email are quite shocking and disturbing, it’s a strong possibility that this was simply was a fake used to garner attention. This whole situation is like an onion; there are different layers, and as they are peeled back, the more they begin to stink. It is possible the baby Hazel is carrying isn’t Cam’s at all (their relationship was “off and on”), it also a possibility she isn’t even pregnant and/or the picture is a fake.

Whatever the truth is, expect it to be revealed here soon. Hopefully at the most, Cam Newton becomes a loving father to his kid and enjoys a uneventful off the field life with Hazel and company. Because if the email is true, there would certainly be distractions stunting his growth as a quarterback (plus being forced to marry a blackmailing gold digger would be no fun either). Lets cross our fingers our 100 million dollar quarterback is in a better situation than some report, and can roll onto the field week one with clear mind and conscience. His career and heart could depend on it.

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By Grant Hughes

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