3 Things To Watch Tonight


Finally, the Panthers have come back to Buffalo (In my best Rock voice).  I'm so excited that the off season is officially over. Here are three things that I'm going to eagerly be watching tonight against one of the very best defenses in the league:

Cam's Comfort

Armed with a brand-spanking new $103M contract, all eyes will be on Cam Newton. Will he show improved footwork?  Will he throw an INT?  Will he run and flash that $103M smile?  And will be show that he is the unquestioned leader on the team.


Oher Vs. Super Mario

Two seasons ago, Super Mario (an NC State guy btw) dismantled Byron Bell and quite possibly destroyed his confidence when he had 4.5 sacks against him two years ago.  If Williams abuses Oher tonight, it could be a long season.  But if he holds Williams in check, optimism will abound.  I will also be looking to see how the Oline in general holds up.  Will Daryl Williams be as good as I think?  Tonight is the first chance to see how far we've come.


Byrd Watching

A young WR is going to have to step up.  Will Bersin, Boykin or Byrd shine tonight?  I think one of them will.  And they are battling for the sixth and perhaps seventh WR spot.  I personally hope that Un-drafted Rookie Free Agent Demiere Byrd gets his chances and capitalizes.  His unique combination of speed and quickness is desperately needed on this team.  But he is in a battle to stay on the team.  Byrd has proven to be faster than folks think and I believe he shocks Panther Nation and makes the team. 


From now until hopefully February, we will have Panthers football to enjoy!  Be involved in this great fan community, let us hear from you on Facebook and Twitter, and let us know what is on your mind.