A Cosmic Force Takes Down Stephen Hill

Saturday, Stephen Hill went up for a pass in training camp only to be forced down uncomfortably from a cosmic force manifesting in a torn ACL.  Hill is out for the season, aligning what now seems fatalistic so some and inevitable to many. 

The former second round pick has been a polarizing force since he arrived in Carolina. Stashed away on the practice squad, Hill endeared himself to wide receiver coach Ricky Proehl, and by December of last season, Hill emerged as a tantalizing subject for fans desperately seeking offensive resurgence. 

Today, Carolina waived Hill in what to many has seemed an inevitable conclusion. Hill’s writhing pain Saturday became the physical event which  personified the crushing pain Hill hopefuls held in their eyes.  It was a pain to us undying optimists that most saw coming.  Saturday's ending to Hill's season, and perhaps career, had only come a little earlier than even they expected.

What cabalistic hope will we adopt now? Oher are we destined to accede that Clydistic pessimists were right that Carolina’s offense will suffocate behind a thin offensive line managed by an inept offensive coordinator?

Or will we look to the skies and worship giants? Maybe I should just read up on this Paul Browning fellow from Colorado State University–Pueblo, an enchanting school I have just learned of.  

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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