Vote For Panther Nation's Most Hated Rival

Welcome to our annual HATE WEEK!  This is the week where you get to express your hatred and not think twice about it.  You will see articles this week about why different folks hate different teams around the NFL.  I’d like from you. You can leave comments below and/or you can even go to our home page and submit a fan post yourself.  Who do you hate the most?  I don’t mean a team that you don’t care about, I mean a team that makes you sit up and become a fan of whomever they are playing.  Here are three teams I personally hate, and I want you to vote:

Atlanta Falcons:  

The Panthers and Falcons (Also known as the I-85 Rivalry) is a heated rivalry.  The two teams have played 40 times.  The Falcons hold a sizable all-time lead of 24-16.  But the Panthers have won four out of the last five match ups.  I think what makes this a prime candidate for the most hated team is the fact that their fan-base is so arrogant that they don’t even consider us a real rivalry.  They say we have not been around long enough even though we have the same number of Super Bowl appearances as they do.  This is actually want a representative of their fan-base articulated on our fan podcast.  And their QB with the infamous “Get the F off my field moment” also adds fuel to the fire.


New Orleans Saints:  

Here’s a team that I just plain hate. They actually targeted my favorite all-time Panther, Steve Smith, in Bounty-Gate.  And "Drew Drew" Brees was on the Player-Safety committee?  And says he had no idea.  I just don't buy it.  To add salt to the wound,  the national media tends to proclaim them as the NFC South favorites practically every year.  However, the all-time record is Panthers 21 and Saints 19.  You wouldn’t know that listening to the national media though.  So this rivalry has some jealousy mixed with contempt.  

New England Patriots:  

Oh man, I hate nothing more than a cheater.  And especially a cheater that takes your Super Bowl opportunity.  I do believe they were spying on our practices during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. They have proven over and over that there is a culture of cheating that is from the top down.  

Those are your three options for who do you hate the most.  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.  But be sure to vote and then tweet out your vote.  Then come back this week for more hate that will get you ready for the season.

Posted by-  Mel Mayock