C3 Minter League Wrap-up: Week 1

The fantasy season got off to a bang for the Minter league this year, the average score among all teams was a respectable 109.4 points. There were not many close games this week, the closest being a comfortable 10 points. Minter seems to have no clear #1 as of right now, and it promises to be a competitive fight for the top over the course of the season. Now lets get down to the meat and potatoes, here are your team by team performances and victors.


The Matchups:


1. All Hail NippleShorts- Bryan Palmese (145) Vs. Team LCIII- Lou Clark (135) 

Sometimes you just have bad luck, this is the case for our boy Lou. 135 points would have beat any other team in the league this week, the only higher scoring team being the one he faced. This was also the week’s closest contest, the only one within 18 points. Lou was aided by the dominating performance of Carlos Hyde (36 points), but he was ultimately done in by Calvin Johnson’s 4 points, and Adam Vinatieri’s -1 point. Mr. Palmese had a solid performance all around, led by Tyler Eifert’s 27.5 points.


2. Not So Lazy Susans- Susan Tucker (126.5) Vs. My Dog Ate Your Vick- Melissa Russell (108.5)

The defending champion of the C3 league picked up right where she left off, winning. Led by her 42 points from running backs, Susan was able to cruise to victory lane. Melissa had disappointing performances by most of her stars; the combination of AJ Green, Jeremy Maclin, Matt Prater, and the Packer’s D only put up 24 points for her team. Watch out for the Not So Lazy Susans, she has a young/talented team and is looking to add a Shaq Thompson jersey to her wardrobe


3. HaHa Can’t Funchess- Nicholas Campo (124.5) Vs. Big Rookie J- Joan Ellis (78.5)

The lowest point total of the week goes to Joan; only two of her starters got into double digits, Justin Tucker with 10 and Aaron Rodgers with 23. Joan has a solid team, but it just didn't come together this weekend. Mr. Campo on the other hand, had two player combining for an solid 48.5 points in Deandre Hopkins and Jeremy Hill. He also started the Texans’ defense and Eddie Lacy, both chipped in with 19 points a piece. Nicholas has a strong team, but let’s hope his duo of Texans’ simmers down this weekend.


4. Green Eggs And Cam- Grant Hughes (118.5) Vs. All About The Benjamins- Dave (86.5)

Coming in at #4 is a familiar face, in fact I see it every time I look in the mirror. This week I took on the saddest team name in the league, Dave might want to change it to All About The Ginns (*sheds tear*). I was able to survive the near goose egg from Greg Olsen with solid performances from Tony Romo (23 points) and the Bronco’s defense (20 points). Dave’s trio of stars in Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and Emmanuel Sanders all underperformed. I guess I got out lucky, because those boys can put up points in bunches.


5. Snakes and Sparklers- Corey Hazelwood (115.5) Vs. Team truepanthersfan- Brandon Truesdale (77)

Corey had this week’s dynamic duo with Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady combining for 56.5 points, nearly half his team’s overall score. Corey has decided to go with a young bench full of upside; he owns four rookies in Todd Gurley, Tevin Coleman, Nelson Agholor, and Justin Hardy. Brandon reminds us this is a Panther fan league, for 46 points of his total score came from his trio of Cam Newton, Graham Gano, and the Panther’s defense. Truesdale’s team relies on the guts of the Panther’s team, and lets hope it takes him pretty far.


6. Pimpin’ Ain’t Ealy- Jacob Powell (112.5) Vs. Aussie Super Fly- Stuart Beadel (85)

Jacob capitalized off of Julio Jones’ 31.5 Monday Night Football points to snatch the win from the jaws of defeat. Wide Receivers weren't too kind for the Aussie, his starting trio only combining for 13.5 points. On the other hand, Jacob’s trio of wide outs landed him a more than solid 57 points. Fantasy is a cruel game, and Stu took a beating; Andre Ellington, Desean Jackson, and Dez Bryant will all miss a few weeks for him. We will see how he recovers, and it already looks like he’s taken a step in the right direction with the addition of Terrence Williams.


Mini Awards:

Line Buster: Bryan Palmese- Despite being a 13.1 point underdog, Bryan pulled out a 10 point win.

The Marcus Allen: Lou Clark- Benching James Jones was not the answer, starting him over Calvin Johnson would have given Lou the victory. Who would've thought?

Low Baller: Stuart Beadel- Stu’s highest scoring player in Andrew Luck managed 17 points, the lowest highest scorer for any team this week.

Defense Wins Championships: Brandon Truesdale- Truesdale was the only player in the league to have a defense lead his team in scoring (Panthers with 24), you can thank Josh Norman for this one.

Check back next week for more on the Minter League.


By Grant Hughes

Follow Grant on Twitter @KenjonVander