C3FF Week 2 Muhammed League: Ties "R" Us??

Yes, folks, week two in the C3FF league had a surprise - a rare "tie" between team Dominators and Team Fabulosa, each scoring 120.5 FP last week. Wow! Talk about life reflecting art! Recall the Panthers were 7-8-1 last season. A good omen?

Well, I don't know the answer to THAT one, but I DO know that Cam's Abdullah Oblongata (LOVE some of these team names!) scored the highest in the 12-team Muhammed league, with 136.5 FP. Let's take a look at his roster:

He actually DID have Cam's Abdullah Oblongata, so long as Cam didn't leave it in the end zone on his helicopter ride, as QB. Ameer Abdullah (lol...you guys are killin' me!), the Lions' RB, didn't score but 1.6 FP, so that was his non-producer for the week. Odell Beckham had 29.5 FP to lead his team (Cam Newton had 28). Amari Cooper's second week was his "breakout" game with 22.5 FP, so if he has caught on this early, it could be a long season for anyone facing him.

Rounding out the rest, he has GRONK (surprise), SD RB Danny Woodhead (a nice late pick), the Bills' DEF team (scoring a -3 FP so they were the big drag this week), Stephen Gostkowski (the only kicker worth drafting, frankly), and he was FLEXing Jimmy Graham.

While it might be nice to have those two TEs, until Graham starts getting targets, he'll be next to useless. The Seahawks have started 0-2, and Graham is already fussin' about distribution. I'm looking for Jimmy G to have a big week three.

The Commish here finished dead last in FP again, partly for thinking Sam Bradford's bad first game was going to be an outlier, given the pre-season accuracy he showed. 

However, Chip Kelly is so far proving my prognostications about his personnel-shuffling true: the team had two ENTIRE yards rushing last week! TWO!

I'm going to be starting Rivers, no matter who he's playing....

Enjoy the games and #KeepPounding

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