3 Keys To Saints Game

So Panther Nation is feeling pretty good about our chances today against the Breesless Saints. On paper, we should feel pretty confident.  The game; however, is not played on paper.  It is played at BOA and in between the lines.  Upsets happen every week, what do the Panthers have to do to make sure that this isn't one of those upsets?


Win The Turn Over Battle


The turnover margin is the biggest key in most games.  The Panthers are ranked fifth in the league in turnover ratio thus far with four-take aways and two give-aways.  New Orleans is ranked sixteenth with three take-ways and four give-aways.  The Peanut Punch mentality is paying off in Carolina and it needs to continue today.


Pressure and Confuse McCown


The Panthers rank seventh in the league with six sacks through two games, while the Saints rank 21st with three.  Also, McCown hasn't started a a game in four years and he's been itching for his chance.  Any NFL QB is going to look good if you don't put pressure on them. The Saints Offensive line was miserable last week.  If they are to pull the upset this week, the story line will be that surprisingly the Panthers D Line didn't get to McCown.  I don't see that happening but we have to show up.   I like that Star is returning today and should add pressure up the middle.


Panther Nation Must Be Loud


I know it was hotter than a two-dollar pistol last week at BOA, but it was frustrating to see that many empty seats at our home-opener.  This week is huge in that it is our first divisional-game of the year.  I don't care if is 120 degrees out there or pouring down rain, Panther Nation has to show up and establish a reputation as a tough place to play.  Keep Pounding.  If we can't be at the game, still be in to it.  Tweet your support, send pictures out of you in your Panthers gear on Twitter.  Charlotte and the Carolinas is a special place and we need to show the world that we are the best fans in the world.


My prediction today is Panthers win 27-20.  Let's go!  


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