Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

Today when Ron Rivera said he wasn't worried about the Panthers pass-rush, it wasn't because of the explanation that Luke McCown simply got rid of the ball too quickly.  Rivera wasn't worried because Dave Gettleman was working on the fix, and his tool of choice-- the Jared Allen wrench.   According to, the Bears will pay $11.5 million of Allen's salary, while the Panthers will pay him $823,000, sources told ESPN. The Bears will get a conditional sixth-round pick in 2016 for the veteran, a source told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.  Fox's Jay Glazer was the first to break the story.  He explained:

Before leaving Minnesota to sign his mega-free agent contract with the Chicago Bears, Allen was one of, if not the, league's premiere pass-rusher.  In 2011, he recorded an eye-popping 22 sacks.  Outside of that astronomical season, it was Allen's consistency that earned him a 4-yr 32 million dollar contract with the Bears.  

Allen hasn't been effective since he moved to Chicago.  Allen didn't fit well as the outside linebacker in the 3-4 scheme and has struggled to make an impact in the Chicago defense.  Are these signs of an aging pass-rusher or is this an example of a bad fit?  Carolina's need for a hand in the ground, get after the quarterback pass-rusher gives Allen the opportunity to answer that question.

What's most exciting about this trade is to see Panthers GM Dave Gettleman take decisive action in addressing a clear team weakness, something he's been criticized heavily about given the Panthers wide receiver core and the Byron Bell experiment.  Carolina may be 3-0, but there defensive line hasn't been the source of this success.  Carolina has battled injuries, most recently, losing Charles Johnson for what looks to be several weeks.  Couple this with marginal play, and the Panthers pass-rush hasn't been all that effective. 

Gettleman has avoided this type of move in the past, hoping to find the "answer on the roster."  Bringing in Allen, however, suggests Gettleman is both learning that you can't just piecemeal it with guys you've stashed on the practice squad and that he believes this team shouldn't look to waist the 2015 season winging it. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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