Brandon Wegher's Making the Panthers' Final Roster Is More Than Surviving the Chopping Block

Brandon Wegher has officially made the Panthers 53-man roster.  That’s right, confirmed per source just before noon today, the fan favorite survived the chopping block. It looks though the Wegher story is more than just a story of surviving being cut.  Wegher's story is in its beginning, not its end. 

News that Wegher made the team came rather early, much earlier than news of many of the cuts broke. The timing is telling. Wegher didn’t avoid being cut, but instead made the Panthers' roster. Early news was more than just a confirmation. This early news was an affirmation of Wegher’s successful campaign to make the Carolina Panthers final roster. 

It wasn’t an easy position to try to squeeze into either.  The running back room was crowded, and everyone expected Wegher to be the odd man out. C3’s support for Wegher squeezing out Fozzie Whittaker was met with some mild resistance and, at times, dismissal by the mainstream media.  Regardless of any of our desires, Wegher was clearly fighting hard to make it a reality. It was Jordan Todman, ironically, who found himself on the outside looking in.

We were able to catch up with Wegher last week to discuss his campaign to make this team. Throughout, Wegher sounded serious, determined, and resolute. Even when the conversation turned light-hearted, there was an underlying focus that couldn't be mistaken.

Wegher thanked his supporters today, and the message remained consistent--his journey, his commitment, is only at its beginning.  Sure there’s some background to this story which was colored by uncertainty and adversity.  That’s not the Wegher story, however. That's just background to a beginning. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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